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The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy


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12 June 2009

We are back on land following an eventful expedition in the Greek research vessel AEGAEO to the Kassian Strait, a broad seaway that runs between the desolate, rocky island of Kassos and the eastern tip of the big island of Crete.  The Kassian Strait is one of the maritime gateways between the Aegean Sea and [...]

24 May 2009

The early morning sun is shining across the big square in the heart of Heraklion, Crete, and lighting up the lobby of the Astoria Capsis Hotel.  I will meet the rest of our team of archaeologists and marine geologists at breakfast in an hour.  But jetlag and a uncontrollable fit of wakefulness struck me at [...]

22 May 2009

The skies were clear all the way from New York to Geneva to Athens, and finally for the short flight southeast across the Aegean Sea to Crete.  The airport at Heraklion on the northern coast of Crete lies on the coast near the harbor, and as the jet descended in the evening light I caught [...]

21 May 2009

In a few hours this sunny stay in New York City will draw to a close, and I will be boarding a flight for Greece.  In Heraklion on the ancient island of Crete I’ll be joining the rest of the DANAOS research team, for another field season in the eastern Mediterranean in search of shipwrecks [...]